Thursday, July 16, 2009

WR Starkey vs. Lucky 7 7/15/09 8PM

Game 3 was quite the opposite from the previous game of the night, with the win a close one. WR Starkey’s Corey Watkins was a key offensive contributor, with Ed Davis as a defensive balance, guarding under the basket. Jerry Stackhouse made his presence known with a harsh block and CJ Leslie fired up the crowd with a dunk over Marcus Melvin. But it was imperative teamwork that won this one for Lucky 7. Jose Frias and JamesOn Curry led in offensive plays, with help from big man Simon Harris down below. A huge 3-pointer in the last 2 seconds from Courtney Fells sealed the deal, with a final score 72-71, Lucky 7.

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Anonymous said...

CJ Leslie dunk was nasty!