Friday, July 24, 2009

E-Net vs. Team KG 7/23/09 9 PM

This game probably holds the record for least points scored in the first quarter. Both teams were tied at 4 with one minute left in the first quarter of the game; however soon after that Team KG exhibited incredible teamwork and led every minute in regulation. James Zimmerman flexed his range from way, way down town over the hand of E-Net’s Kyle Singler. Zimmerman had six three-pointers in the game that definitely helped his team score the victory. It seemed like baskets just weren’t falling for E-Net. NC State’s Tracy Smith had many looks, but most of his shots would not go in, and Team KG was always there for the rebound. E-Net’s defense lacked its usual spunk and Miles Plumlee’s 22 points were not enough to win. There was a great effort by Team KG in their 61-50 win over E-Net. See you next Tuesday for more amazing basketball and be sure to vote in the poll to the right for your favorite player in the league. Your vote will help us determine the MVP at the end of the tournament. Also, please be advised that the Chris Smith listed in the poll is actually Chris Hill of Laurinburg Prep!

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