Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lucky 7 vs. Dreamworks 7/16/09 7PM

What was predicted to be a repeat team Dreamworks blowout, turned out to be anything but. Lucky 7 led by a considerable number during the first half, with most of its points attributed to Chris Lightner, who was seemingly on fire with his frequent 3-pointers. JamesOn Curry also contributed offensively, with big man Simon Harris as the defensive counterpart. Despite a huge alley-oop by Lightner and a sexy crossover from Courtney Fells, Dreamworks’ determination was unstoppable. Although for the second night in a row missing the “Carolina Connection,” the team’s drive was evident. Rashawn Page took many offensive risks, and Will Bunton served as the finisher for the team. But it was Chris Hill that single-handedly made Dreamworks a contender in the competition. Acting as the team’s savior, it was a difficult play and the following free throws that allowed Dreamworks to make a comeback. Unfortunately Hill’s effort wasn’t enough, and Lucky 7 earned the last minute victory, score 73-71.

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