Thursday, July 16, 2009

Team KG vs. Team Duhon 7/15/09 9PM

The last game of the night was also the second blow out of the night with Team Duhon leading by as many as 40 points for most of the second half. The first half ended with a score of 58 to 30, with Team Duhon clearly taking control of the game. JJ Miller was in one word: AMA ZING. He had plenty of assists, plenty of points, and plenty of adrenaline. The way he would shoot right in a defender’s face without hesitation was incredibly admirable. He got help from big man Mason Plumlee who showed that he had some ball-handling skills too, as he crossed defenders al l the way to the basket to stuff the ball in their faces. In the first half, it seemed that only Charles Futrell and Leon Frazier of Team KG were alive, however stand-out player from last summer, James Zimmerman, finally woke up in the second half and delivered a couple of early baskets and a strong rejection on the defensive end. However, with wonderful plays like a rejection, steal, and slam from Team Duhon’s Hayward Fain and Anthony Greenup, Team KG had no hope. The final score in a great performance from Team Duhon: 97 to 59.

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