Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Team Navy vs. Lucky 7 7/7/09 9 PM

These last two teams did not let the late hour slow them down. The game remained fast-paced from start to finish, giving the true fans that stuck around until the end, a great show! JamesOn Curry of Lucky 7 was AMAZING! He was able to go up and under the defenders with quick and swift movements all the way to the basket. No one could stop him! He ended with 19 points, while Lenny Daniels of Team Navy had 14 points and proved to be a dynamic player for his team. Daniels dunked one time, turned around and dunked again, and then had a reverse dunk right after. He's just one 6'8 player who knows how to take it to the hole! In the end, however, Curry took over and led his team to a 58-46 victory. Thanks for coming out tonight. See you on Thursday for more marvelous basketball!

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