Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dreamworks vs. E-Net 7/9/09 9PM

If you missed the last game of the night, then I feel sorry for you! Game four, between Dreamworks and E-Net, was a show-stopping, star-studded, nail-biting event. The “Carolina Connection” made up of Justin Watts, John Henson, and Leslie McDonald, was completely unrestrained and ruthless. McDonald brought the ball down the court, shaking up defenders and either shifted the ball out to Watts who hit most of his three’s or shifted it to the paint where Henson just TOOK OVER, leaping like a frog over defenders to the basket. I have never seen so many dunks in one basketball game, by one player! The three made a combined 39 points out of Dreamworks’ total 53 points. It seemed like the “Carolina Connection” was unstoppable, however E-Net held on, making this an extremely close game down to the final seconds. Thanks to Tracy Smith’s diligence and some vital free throws from KJ Holmes, E-Net led by 3 points with less than 10 seconds left on the clock. Leslie McDonald took it to the other end of the court and scored a three-pointer from downtown to tie the game, but E-Net quickly got the ball back, and was fouled in the act of shooting. E-Net made one of two freethrows, but that was enough to score the win! The final score of 54 to 53, just goes to show that persistence can overcome star power. It was a tremendously exciting game, the best of the league so far! Stay tuned until next week…we have 3 days of amazing basketball on Tuesday, WEDNESDAY, and Thursday! See you there!

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