Friday, July 24, 2009

Team Duhon vs. Hendricks 7/23/09 7 PM

The score for both teams yo-yoed throughout the entire second game. It began close, as both teams answered each other. When Team Duhon’s John Scheyer or JJ Miller would make big threes, Hendricks’ Steven Rush or JAmes Crowder would immediately follow with plays of the same. During the third quarter, Team Duhon seemingly began to pull away with help from Mason Plumlee’s big dunks and blocks down low. However, Hendricks began asserting themselves and closing the score gap thanks to Derrick "Caveman" Wiley and his frequent points outside of the perimeter. But it was a huge three by Hayward Fain that put Team Duhon back in the lead, and Hendricks was never able to recover, giving Team Duhon a 95-90 victory, remaining undefeated.

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