Friday, July 24, 2009

Dreamworks vs. WR Starkey 7/23/09 8 PM

With the once again absence of the “Carolina Connection,” Dreamworks was forced to create a virtually whole new team. Luckily the “Dream Team,” wasn’t lacking in the star area. NC State’s Julius Mays was a key offensive contributor, assisted by big threes from Larry Johnson. Matt Sossamon was a major offensive player in the paint for the team and Mason Plumlee, in his second game of the night, was a necessary defender under the basket, awing the crowd with big finishes. Even this well-put-together team couldn’t completely stop WR Starkey. CJ Leslie ran hard drives to the basket and even contributed a couple threes and alley-oops. But it was Ryan Kelly who was the star of this game, serving as an “all purpose” player. He displayed the agility of a point guard with cross-ups, ran a couple pull-up jumpers, and didn’t disappoint with some amazing grand slams. Because of this team’s showmanship, WR Starkey was able to gain the 84-81 win.

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