Friday, July 3, 2009

Dreamworks vs. Team PJ Tucker 7/2/09 8 PM

This game was full of both effortless three-pointers on the outside and loaded dunks on the inside. Dreamworks was complete with Carolina players, old and new. Alumni Sean May and Jackie Manuel led Dreamworks to a victory in their first game, along with the help of current Tar Heels Justin Watts and Leslie McDonald. On the other side, PJ Tucker and his team complained that they had no height, however they definitely held up their own, keeping it a close game most of the time, even leading by 10 points at one moment. Unfortunately, despite a tremendous effort from NC State's CJ Williams and Tucker's own 24 points, Dreamworks acquired the victory in the first game of the season. But don't be discouraged Team PJ Tucker fans, expect great things from both of these teams this summer season!

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