Wednesday, July 29, 2009

E-Net vs Lucky 7 7/28/09 8PM

In what would be the second close game of the night, Game 3 was a display of immense passion compared to any game you’ve ever seen. Lucky 7’s Jose Frias was one of the main offensive contributors, assisted by Chris Lightner down low and Charles Ward as the big man under the basket with frequent dunks and rejections. With Jabyron Wilson also making his presence known, this team seemed unstoppable and led a majority of the game, but E-net said "not so fast". With Farnold Degan as the all-around contributor with follow-ups under the basket and points outside the perimeter and help from Kyle Singler in the paint, the team began to slowly make a comeback. The score gap began narrowing at the end of the third quarter, but it was the last two minutes of regulation that the score eventually became tied. With repeated big three pointers from Chris Mayshack and a big AND 1 from KJ Holmes, E-net gained and kept the lead, winning 55-50.

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