Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Team GBMS vs. WR Starkey 7/7/09 7PM

Teams God Bless My Success (GBMS) and WR Starkey equally competed in what would result in a close second game of the night. Game number two got off to a slow start, with points for both teams not reaching double digits by the end of the first quarter. Team lead scorer David Best served as a key player both offensively and as a cooperative teammate, his collaboration marked by his assistance with a jaw dropping alley-oop by Milton Davis. A power slam by CJ Wilkerson prompted the team rhythm during the close fourth quarter, but despite the valiant effort, Team WR Starkey’s game proved a little bit more powerful. Bo Ingram’s presence served too much for GBMS as he was the leading scorer for team WR Starkey, scoring an impressive 17 points along with offensive help by Ryan Kelly, and assistance under the basket from UNC’s Ed Davis. Within the last five seconds, WR Starkey pulled away with a 46-43 win.

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Anonymous said...

Go David you are the BEST.