Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lucky 7 vs. Team KG 7/22/09 6 PM

In the first game of the night, Team KG was definitely on top of their game. James Zimmerman had six three’s to help his team remain in the lead for the first three quarters. Team KG was leading at halftime and played with more spunk than Lucky 7 was, at first. Finally, in the fourth quarter, Courtney Fells of Lucky 7 got busy, hitting two threes at two different buzzers, and shifting the ball down to the post where Jabryon Wilson demolished the basket. In the final minute, Lucky 7 was able to slightly pull away and score the 70-66 victory. Both teams played excellent basketball, and this game definitely got the juices flowing and the adrenaline pumping for the rest of the night.

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