Thursday, July 23, 2009

Team Navy vs. WR Starkey 7/22/09 7 PM

Throughout the entire second game, the lead for Team Navy was consistent. Jawad Williams was the go-to man for Navy, finishing down low with inside help from Rashawn Page. But what was key in this Navy victory was the team’s high school presence. Latrell Royster made back to back deep 3’s and Miykael Faulcon made his presence known with a big rejection. Despite Team Navy’s domination, WR Starkey’s determination did not waver. Bo Ingram, assisted by CJ Leslie, was a key offensive player for the team, successfully bringing the ball down the court and shooting from the perimeter. Aside from Ryan Kelly’s occasional point guard moves and control under the basket, Navy pulled away with the win, 74-59.

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