Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Team PJ Tucker vs. Team KG 7/21/09 6 PM

The new and improved Team PJ Tucker put on a dynamite show in the first game of the night. Mike Bell led his team with 17 points, while PJ Tucker himself added 14 points of his own. Tucker had a show-stopping self-assisted dunk over the top of defenders, while big man Bell made his presence known with nice pull-ups around the perimeter and strong moves down low. Justin Leemow of Team KG kept his team in the game with 17 points. He was great offensively and had continuous rejections on the defensive end. Meanwhile, Jeremy Harn had a couple of strong power slams in the post. However, the massive talent on Team PJ Tucker kept Team KG from ever gaining the lead. The final score: 64 to 48. This marks the second win in a row for Team PJ Tucker who began the season on a losing streak!

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