Friday, July 24, 2009

Team PJ Tucker vs. GBMS 7/23/09 6 PM

In the first game of the night, GBMS only had six players present, which meant that most didn’t get the “breather” they needed. Despite the lack of subs, GBMS played incredibly hard and kept the score extremely close throughout most of the game. Both David Best of GBMS and PJ Tucker of Team PJ Tucker had the one of their best games, dropping 20 and 23 points respectively. Cooper Hall of Team PJ Tucker had back-to-back demolishing rejections down in the paint that had the crowd saying “oooh”. Unfortunately, towards the end of the last quarter, the players from GBMS looked a little tired and Team PJ Tucker took advantage and increased the margin of points. But don’t get weary just yet! Somehow finding some energy, GBMS was able to bring the score within 3 points with 15 seconds left, and had to result to fouling in order to gain more time. Tyree Graham of Team PJ Tucker made his free throws and GBMS did not have enough time to tie the game. In the end, Team PJ Tucker wins with a score of 82 to 75.

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