Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lucky 7 vs. GBMS 7/21/09 9 PM

We are used to seeing JamesOn Curry take over for his team, Lucky 7. However, in the final game of the night, it was all about Courtney Fells. In less than a minute, Fells took the alley-oop from Curry in for a power slam, then turned around and swished a beautiful three-pointer on the next play, had a startling and-1 play right after that, and then made a break-away dunk. This man was on fire tonight! He ended with 18 points as the lead scorer for Lucky 7. Lucky 7 quickly took control of the game, until GBMS fought back in the fourth quarter. GBMS definitely had great help from Landon Clement and Taron Downey. Clement had 23 points to end the night and fought hard to bring his team back within five points with about a minute left. In the end, however, Lucky 7 kept control and gained another victory with a score of 75-70. Unfortunately for GBMS, this is their fifth loss of the season.

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