Friday, July 17, 2009

Team KG vs. E-Net 7/16/09 8PM

In the third and final game of the night, Team KG and E-Net went head-to-head for the entire 40 minutes in regulation. Despite their recent losses, Team KG exhibited extreme energy and teamwork as they hustled after every ball and played amazing defense, even against talent such as Kyle Singler and Miles Plumlee. Plumlee had a great night, demonstrating his shooting range with back-to-back threes and a sweet jumpshot right after that. The game was tied with 20 seconds left, until Damien Humphrey of Team KG broke through the defense and scored a lay-up, bringin his team in the lead. The ball quickly got to the other end of the court and Miles Plumlee of E-Net had a chance to take the lead again, but missed his dunk…the buzzer sounded and Team KG made up from their almost 40 point loss last night to beat E-Net 48-47.

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