Friday, August 7, 2009

Team PJ Tucker vs. Team Navy 8/6/09 7 PM

What began as a blow-out remained so throughout the entire second game. Team PJ Tucker’s CJ Williams found his rhythm from beginning to end, leading in assists, and serving as the go-to man under the basket. Jarrett Johnson and Dupree Hall also displayed their skill down low, both sealing the deal with grand slams. Team Navy’s Jawad Williams of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Charles Ward both carried their team in the paint and outside the perimeter in hopes of redeeming themselves from such a large trailing margin, but their attempts proved not good enough to control Team PJ Tucker. At the half, Team PJ Tucker was up by almost 20 points and the margin narrowed by only a little by the end of the game. Tucker’s Tyree Graham showed excellent ball-handling skills, ultimately helping to lead his team to a win, 84-72.

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