Friday, August 7, 2009

Team Duhon vs. Dreamworks 8/6/09 6PM

In the final night of the regular season, Team Duhon once again played with amazing chemistry that allowed the team to sail through. Dreamworks had a considerable amount of talent on their team including, UNC’s Justin Watts, Duke’s Olek Czyz and Brian Zoubek, and high school sensation Reggie Bullock. However, they didn’t play as well together as Team Duhon where a lot of offensive rebounds went unnoticed and passes were incomplete. Nonetheless, Dreamworks played some great basketball and had some really amazing offensive plays. Justin Watts had a great elevation demonstration on both ends of the court where he had a powerful two-hand slam and then turned around and had a forceful rejection! Team Duhon’s Victor Holloway and Rasheed Wright contributed greatly to the scoreboard, however each of Team Duhon’s 12 players present put points on the board, showing their amazing teamwork and ability to play…and WIN, together. Team Duhon won the game 73-54 and are the first seed going into the tournament on Friday August 7th. You’ll see Dreamworks there too as the eight seed.

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