Saturday, August 8, 2009

Team Duohn vs. Dreamworks Quarterfinals 9PM

In the last game of the quarterfinals, #1 Team Duhon took on #8 Dreamworks. It began with a slow first quarter where both teams took their time getting into a rhythm. However, Mason Plumlee Team Duhon, was dominant in the post with forceful dunks and strong rebounds. He also showed his shooting skills as he stepped back for a beautiful three pointer. South Carolina’s new freshman all star, Lakeem Jackson, showed off his moves as he drove through the lane to make perfect layups and dunks. On the other side, Brian Zoubek was great in the inside lane, while Reggie Bullock and Andrew Partridge handled the outside perimeter. Kinston High’s Darnell Matthews also had very nice three-pointers at perfect times that really kept Dreamworks in at moments when Team Duhon seemed to be controlling the game. Nonetheless, Team Duhon was able to pull away slowly, and with a couple of late baskets, they gained the win with a final score of 69-60. Team Duhon goes on to play the #4 seed, Team PJ Tucker, on Saturday at 3pm!

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