Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Team Duhon vs. Team Navy 8/4/09 6M

This game saw Team Navy struggling in the first quarter where Team Duhon was able to have a considerable lead starting off the game. However, it wasn’t long before Team Navy got into their rhythm and was able to catch up, making the first game of the night and extremely exciting one to watch. Team Duhon’s Hayward Fain was the king of assists has he constantly met Mason Plumlee and Anthony Greenup under the basket. Greenup, once again showed off his Harlem Globetrotters skills as he dropped 24 points of layups and dunks in the paint. Team Navy’s Andre McCollum was the star of the night has he contributed a total of 27 points and really surged ahead in the third quarter, where Team Navy was able to bring the score within three points. The combination of Rashawn Page, Charles Ward, and McCollum allowed Team Navy to slightly stay ahead of Team Duhon in the final two minutes and in the end, Team Navy was able to capture the victory with a score of 68-64. This was the first loss in the regular season for Team Duhon, however with a record of 8-1, they are still number one, while Team Navy is still tied for second with Lucky 7.

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