Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lucky 7 vs. Dreamworks 8/4/09 9PM

In the final game of the night, Lucky 7 was star-studded with LA Laker’s Josh Powell, NC State’s Courtney Fells, and Oklahoma State’s alum JamesOn Curry. Fells had 28 points and was dominant on the outside perimeter, in the paint, and on defense. Powell definitely helped his team out tremendously with 23 points of his own, including a couple of effortless spin moves complete with the fade-away jumper. Curry proved helpful as he was able to power through Dreamworks’ tough defense as he drove to the basket for 14 points of his own. However despite all of this star power, Dreamworks‘ freshly made team definitely held their own as they kept it a close game throughout its entirety with strong plays from Ricardo Marsh, James Crowder, and Chris Hill. Marsh served as the big man who was able to spin and shuffle around Lucky 7’s defenders to make his 16 points. Crowder shot and made countless three pointers as he constantly hustled around defenders to the open position. Meanwhile, in one play, Hill showed off his acrobatic skills as he was in the act of falling, but still managed to get the ball up and into the basket. With Dreamworks’ down by three in the final seconds, Will Bunton had a chance to tie the game, and although it looked as if he was fouled, no whistle was blown, and in the end, Lucky 7 walked away with the 78-75 victory.

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