Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lucky 7 vs. E-Net Quarterfinals 8PM

What started as a blow-out remained so throughout the entire third game. Team E-Net was lacking everything but presence beneath thanks to Jawad Williams, in his second game of the night, and Jabyron Wilson. It was Miles Plumlee who was the stand-out player for team E-net, establishing his presence in the building. But with Lucky 7’s all-star cast, the victory was easily attained. JamesOn Curry was an all-around player offensively reigning deep threes and following-up under the basket. Josh Powell covered down low with frequent rejections and slams, while Courtney Fells captivated the outside perimeter with help from Jose Frias’ ball-handling skills, allowing for a clean sweep. Final score, 73-57. Lucky 7 goes on to play #3 seed, Team Navy, in the semifinals on Saturday at 4:30 pm!

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