Friday, August 7, 2009

Lucky 7 vs. Hendricks 8/6/09 8PM

Opposite the last game, game 3 was a fairly close one. This star-studded event proved to be a crowd pleaser. During the first half of the game, team Hendricks captivated the lead, thanks to Derrick Wiley’s hard drives to the basket and Casey Peters’ points from downtown. Miles Plumlee announced his presence with authority with repeated dunks and rejections and James Crowder’s key pull-up jumper allowed team Hendricks to stay in the game. However, during the second half, team Lucky 7 took the lead and ran with it. Courtney Fells displayed his long range with frequent deep 3’s, assisted by JamesOn Curry’s excellent skill taking the ball down the court. Josh Powell was in control inside the perimeter, with help from Simon Harris under the basket, showing off his professional dunking talent. With such great team work, Lucky 7 slowly but surely pulled away the victory, 76-69.

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