Sunday, August 9, 2009

Team Duhon vs. Team PJ Tucker Semifinals Game 1

As the semifinals heated up, #1 Team Duhon took on #4 Team PJ Tucker, and what an exciting game it turned out to be! Both teams hit the court with extreme energy and hustle as each player drove and dived for each lose ball and each rebound. Mason Plumlee (26 points) had a beautiful one hand scoop down the lane, combined with an up and under spin move that really got the crowd into the game. A couple of plays later, Hayward Fain (28 points) drove down the lane, passed the ball behind him to Anthony Greenup (29 points) who went in for the forceful dunk. Team Duhon was beginning to pull away late in the first half and were up by 12 at half time; however it wasn’t long until Team PJ Tucker stormed back. Derrick Wiley (27 points) had a great one-hand slam through the ring, while PJ Tucker (24 points) showed off his great ball-handling skills, and Mike Bell (25 points) controlled the paint. Team PJ Tucker closed the gap on Team Duhon, and even gained their own lead, by as much as 8 in the fourth quarter. Team Duhon seemed to lose their control, and many shots were forced, however everyone could tell that both teams really wanted this victory in order to advance to the championship. However, in the end, after a big steal from Mike Bell and some made free throws, Team PJ Tucker sealed the deal with a final score of 110-104. Team PJ Tucker beat the #1 team and advance to the championship to face Team Navy!

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