Saturday, August 9, 2008

Team Noel versus Team K.G. 8/9/08 3PM

In the opener for the Quarterfinals, Team Noel and Team K.G. both played very well. James Zimmerman of Team K.G. and Ricky Clemons of Team Noel were standout players who were amazing from downtown. Zimmerman had 19 points alone in the first half and when he had the ball in his hands, it was a sure bet he would make the shot. In the first half, Team K.G. seemed to control the game, and were up by ten by halftime. However, in the final minutes of the game, Team Noel took it away. They were quicker, had more energy, played tighter defense, and made more baskets. When Team Noel was up by 15 points with just a minute left in regulation, Team K.G. could do nothing to come back. The final score of the game was 79 to 65. Team Noel will go on to the Semifinals, where they will face Team Felton.

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