Saturday, August 9, 2008

RDU Barnstormers versus Black Magic 8/9/08 4PM

In the second game of the afternoon, the RDU Barnstormers continued to play well, even without Olek "OC" Czyz and Kyle Singler. Nolan Smith and Dominique Sutton stepped up and led their team through a ball game full of incredible basketball. Black Magic once again displayed expert communication and were able to stick with the Barnstormers until the final three minutes. With back-to-back show-stopping dunks from Sutton and Charles Ward of Black Magic, the crowd was definitely on their feet and yelling for their favorite teams. In the end, the team who previously only beat Black Magic by one point won again with the final score 65 to 59. The RDU Barnstormers will continue to the Semifinals where they will play Team Williams.

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