Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A team that was slacking in the beginning of the summer, Team Noel has defiantly left their mark on the Greater NC Pro-Am Summer League. In the championship game versus the usually dominant RDU Barnstormers, Team Noel controlled the entire game, at times leading by more than 20 points. The Barnstormers struggled without Nolan Smith and JJ Hickson, and when Andre Mcollum failed to have a good night, Team Noel took it away, almost making the game a blowout. Shammond Williams,however, stepped in as the lead scorer with 16 total points. Although behind Team Noel for the entire game, the Barnstormers were still able to put 92 points on the board. Team Noel played an amazing game of basketball. Derrick "Caveman" Wiley, the Tournament MVP, along with David Noel, Ricky Clemons, and Mike Bell showed force as they made the game a phenomenal one to watch: exhibiting flawless inside and outside game. The entire game was incredibly fast and it seemed like the Barnstormers could not keep up. In the end, The Tournament Champions, Team Noel won with a score of 113 to 92. Each member of Team Noel was presented with a trophy after the final buzzer and Bo Ingram of the Regulators was named the League's Most Valuable Player! As the summer dwindles to an end, the S.J.G Greater NC Pro-Am Basketball League would like to thank every person that came out to support the league and all of the amazing talent who put on an incredible show each and every night! Look out for us next summer; same time, same place! God Bless.

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