Monday, August 11, 2008

Team Noel versus Team Felton 8/10/08 5PM

In the second semifinal game of the night, Team Noel went up against Team Felton in a fast-paced and high-energy contest. CJ Wilkerson and Jawad Williams were standout players for Team Felton. With Wilkerson's quick speed and agility and Jawad's power in the hole, Team Felton stayed close by Team Noel throughout the entire game. David Noel of Team Noel controlled the other side with 21 total points as the lead scorer of his team. The game was tied, 89 all, with 32 seconds left. Ricky Clemons of Team Noel made a jump shot with 20 seconds left, bringing the score to 91-89. After a couple of bad turnovers, Team Felton's last opportunity to win the game came with Jared Grady's attempt at a three-pointer with 5 seconds left in regulation. He missed and Team Felton could not get an offensive rebound to try again. Both teams played an amazing game, but Team Noel won with a score of 91 to 89. They will face the RDU Barnstormers in the championship game on Monday.

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