Saturday, August 9, 2008

E-Net versus Team Williams 8/9/08 5PM

Even though E-Net only had 6 players for the evening Quarterfinal match-up, they were able to keep up with Team Williams throughout the entire game. Brandon Costner of E-Net was phenomenal with countless massive dunks, flawless jump shots, and strong rejections. He had 25 total points, showing all emotion as he powered over players and yelled on both sides of the court. Team Williams, however, was able to open up the difference in the final two minutes and increased the score to 61-51 with 37 seconds left. Brandon Costner's two three pointers in the last 20 seconds and Kevin "KJ" Holmes' final three at the buzzer were not enough to secure an E-Net win. Team Williams won the game 67 to 62 and will move on to the Semifinals to face the RDU Barnstormers on Sunday.

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