Saturday, August 9, 2008

Regulators versus Team Felton 8/9/08 6PM

The final game of the Quaterfinals was truly a shocker. The number one team, the Regulators, faced the number eight team, Team Felton and quickly found out that the last seed had some great talent. PJ Tucker and Jawad Williams of Team Felton brought their "A" game when they came back from a strong Regulator lead to make the game a nail-biter in the end. Jerry Stackhouse and Bo Ingram of the Regulators also played well both offensively and defensively. Early in the second half, the Regulators were beating Team Felton down the court on every play and it seemed like the game would be another Regulator win. However, after a fantastic dunk by Jawad Williams and a three-point play be PJ Tucker, Team Felton closed the gap to 50-53 (Regulators) and this sparked the plug. With both teams on the edge and all tied up at 1:45 left on the clock, every person in the gym was on their feet. Jared Grady of Team Felton was fouled with 7.6 seconds left and made both freethrows, bringing the team up by 3. With the Regulator's last chance at winning, Darius Johnson-Odom of Team Felton intentionally fouled Bo Ingram on the dribble to keep the Regulators from shooting a three and tying the game. Bo Ingram went to the line, but only made one of two shots. On a rebound, Bo Ingram got the ball back behind the three-point line and was wide open. He had enough time to shoot a three and win the game, but unfortunately, he missed, and Team Felton secured a 65-63 victory. The underdogs in the last seed beat the leaders of the league! Team Felton will go on to the Semifinals to face Team Noel on Sunday.

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