Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Regulators versus RDU Barnstormers 8/5/08 7PM

For the second time in the night, one team had to endure having only five players present. The Regulators, led by Bo Ingram and Chris Leitner, held their own against the RDU Barnstormers who had a full bench. Bo Ingram was outstanding in every area of the court. He was the lead scorer with 27 points. Chris Leitner contributed tremendously with 19 points of his own and big man, CJ Leslie, helped significantly inside. However, all of this effort was not enough to keep the Barnstormers away. Nolan Smith, Olek Czyz, Andre Mcallom, and new man Dominque Sutton were a force to reckon with. They were able to blow the game away in the second half, leading to a 90-60 victory. This was the second straight loss for the Regulators, but they still remain the number one seed going into the tournament, while the RDU Barnstormers are the #2 seed.

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