Monday, August 11, 2008

RDU Barnstormers versus Team Williams 8/10/08 4 PM

In an extremely exciting game of the Semifinals, the RDU Barnstormers went head-to-head with Team Williams. Andre Mcollum of the RDU Barnstormers was on fire with his continuous three-pointers. At one point in the first half, Mcollum and Jerry Stackhouse of Team Williams went back and forth, each showing tremendous talent in their own three-point contest. With Andre Mcollum and JJ Hickson of the Barnstormers powering on both offense and defense, it appeared that Team Williams had no chance to win. However Team Williams' Julian Gamble and Stackhouse were able to put the points on the board that kept them in the game. In the final seconds, with Team Williams only down by three, Hayward Fain had an opportunity to shoot a three and tie the game, but he missed and the rebound went to Stackhouse, who was in perfect position downtown. The crowd stood on their feet to see if he could make the all-important shot...but the ball bounced off the rim. In an amazing game, The RDU Barnstormers win it 85 to 82. They will face Team Noel in the Championship game on Monday.

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