Wednesday, July 21, 2010

State-Carolina Preview: What We Learned Part II

By Mark Carroll - Blog Coordinator

The rematch between Team Stackhouse and Team McGladrey may not have been as high scoring as the first match-up, but it was just as competitive. After a second glance at these two teams, here are a few more things we can take away as we look forward to ACC play in the winter:

-North Carolina will only go as far as Harrison Barnes and Reggie Bullock will take them. That's not to say that those are the only two talented players on their basketball team, but their scoring ability fills what was a gaping hole on last year's squad. What happens when Barnes and Bullock don't produce offensively? Well, look no further than the score at the end of the first quarter in their game against Team McGladrey.

-C.J. Leslie will show off eye-opening dunks, but Pack fans will close their eyes when he goes to the free throw line. Leslie has tremendous athleticism, and Ryan Harrow is the perfect fit at point guard to bring all of that out. That said, it would not sit well with N.C. State fans if Leslie's struggles at the line were the difference in a real game against North Carolina. As improved as both of these teams will be come January, it is definitely possible that free throws could be all that separate the two rivals.

-N.C. State will not experience a repeat of the '07-'08 season. It sounds like an obvious statement, but with incoming talent such as J.J. Hickson and a young Tracy Smith, many ACC fans saw the Wolfpack as a top 5 team in the conference three seasons ago. The team eventually imploded as they were plagued throughout the entire season by chemistry issues and selfish play that flushed them to the bottom of the ACC. That will not happen with this group. These freshmen excel in ball movement and scoring distribution, as all of their focus is on getting the win. They may not have accomplished their goal tonight, but have taken a step in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

While your opinion of Carolina may be true. I think John Henson will be a factor.Plus in addition who knows how much Larry Drew has improved.
Hum just wondering no comments on the Duke Players? Oh I see you must be a Duke fan.

Anonymous said...

He did make comments on the Duke players in an earlier post if you care to scroll up the page.

Anonymous said...

This is why I love the ACC but most of all I am true blue Carolina Blue that is,Love the blogs the ACC will be hot again this year with the freshmen class comming in,I don't see Duke winning it all again this year they will not get the easy road to the final! I am looking forward to the season starting and watching these men play it is awsome to see all this talent on one court if you are a basketball fan check these games out it's great!