Friday, July 9, 2010

Lucky Seven 67 Coaches in Christ 49

By Mark Carroll - Blog Coordinator

Courtney Fells and Lucky Seven came into their game against Coaches in Christ looking to bounce back from a disappointing loss to Team McGladrey on Tuesday night. Lucky Seven stepped into McDougald-McLendon Gymnasium Thursday night looking to avoid another late-game run by the opposition.

L.A. Lakers forward Josh Powell watched from Lucky Seven's bench as Fells put on a show early, throwing down a one-handed slam and completing an old-fashioned three point play. Fells and St. Augustine's star Hayward Fain teamed up to lead Lucky Seven to a 16-9 lead after the first quarter.

Coaches in Christ's Roddrick Brown banged around down low, getting a couple of hard earned buckets to cut Lucky Seven's lead to 18-17, but Fells and Justin Leemow propelled their team to an 8-0 run. Word of God's Bishop Daniels put in a lay-up in response to a Fells finger roll to end the run, and Billy McDade hit a trey to keep Coaches in Christ in the game. Lucky Seven went into halftime with a 30-26 advantage.

In the second half, Lucky Seven picked up where they left off as Fells and Fain continued to thrill the crowd with three pointers and highlight dunks. The two stretched their team's lead to 16 after a Fain rejection led to a Fells jam in transition. McDade hit a late shot from three point land, but it would not be enough to hand Lucky Seven their second consecutive loss. Fells had 20 points and Fain scored 12 as Lucky Seven came a way with a convincing victory, 67-49.

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