Thursday, July 22, 2010

NC Pro-Am Interviews: Seth Curry

By Anna LaRew - Player Correspondent

Above the Rim Exclusives: Interviews with your favorite SJG Pro-Am Players

July 15, 2010, Durham, NC – It’s week two of the NC Pro-Am in NC Central’s McDougald-McLendon Gymnasium. The mayhem has calmed down since the first two games. Last week, the closest parking spot was 1.5 miles way and if you didn’t arrive before 6:15 p.m, you weren’t getting in the gym and definitely not getting a seat. This Thursday I got a chance to sit down with rising basketball star Seth Curry.

: How many summers have you played at the Pro-Am? What is the competition like?

SC: This summer is my first time. It’s good competition. Everyone on the court knows how to play, people from other colleges NC State, UNC, and Central. You know, its good competition every night.

NCPA: Are you excited about the transfer from Liberty to Duke?

SC: It’s been a long wait. I’m ready to get there. I’m real excited.

NCPA: When you were young what player did you want to be and why?

SC: My favorite player was always Tracy McGrady. My dad played in the NBA so I always wanted to be like him.

NCPA: In regular season and summer what team do you most want to play against and why?

SC: Definitely Carolina, because that’s the rivalry. You know, it has been around forever. I can’t wait to actually experience that. Summer league, I like playing against my teammates at Duke. I’m on Team Jamison here. I get to go against them, talk some trash.

NCPA: How does basketball give you a chance to give back to the community?

SC: There are always eyes on you, especially at a school like Duke. You have eyes on you whether you do right or wrong. I’m held to a higher standard now, you know? I have to live up to that. Three or four times last year we went to a local elementary school. When we go there kids know who we are. You know, funny little kids. It's cool to get in there and show them how getting and education is important, because sports may not always be there.

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