Wednesday, July 14, 2010

State-Carolina Preview: What We Learned

Mark Carroll - Blog Coordinator

Although the match-up between Team Stackhouse and Team McGladrey was different in many ways from a true North Carolina-N.C. State game, many things can be taken from this game. Here are a few conclusions that can be made after Tuesday night's game:

-Harrison Barnes vs. C.J. Leslie will be one of the top storylines in the rivalry this season. This battle features two of the top 10 recruits in the 2010 class, and each of the two is expected to have an immediate impact on their program. Barnes offers a fundamentally sound game as one of the most mature recruits to ever come into North Carolina, while Leslie's length and athleticism fuels his ability to become a human highlight reel. The potential is there for both to be lottery draft picks as soon as next year, and fans will compare the two throughout this season.

-Reggie Bullock's size will ultimately make him one of the toughest guards to defend in the conference. At 6'7'', he is much taller than a normal shooting guard. He also uses his 185-pound frame to bully defenders who cannot match his size. Whether he is using his height to prevent his perimeter shots from being blocked, or using his body to muscle his way inside, Bullock will give opposing teams a headache when the ball is in his hands.

-Lorenzo Brown will start immediately at N.C. State. Although Leslie and Ryan Harrow may be ranked higher on recruiting boards, Brown offers a skill-set that fills a huge hole in N.C. State's line-up. While the incoming recruiting class adds some much-needed talent and depth, giving coach Sidney Lowe the opportunity to take advantage of many starting line-up scenarios, there is no way to leave Brown off the list. His three ball is deadly, his ball-handling is impressive and his ability to find the open shot makes him the scorer that the Pack has been looking for.


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