Saturday, August 7, 2010

Team Dreamworks 78 Team Stackhouse 62

By Mark Carroll - Blog Coordinator

Landon Clement and Team Dreamworks wasted no time in grabbing an early lead over Team Stackhouse during the second game of the Greater NC Pro-Am tournament. Clement nailed a three ball in the opening minutes that gave his team the lead for good as they rolled over Team Stackhouse.

Team Dreamworks was tough to stop in the first half, as they balanced Dijon Mann's inside game with Clement's perimeter sniping. Clement's trey ball with 34 seconds on the clock gave Team Dreamworks a 21-14 lead. The score remained the same at the buzzer, as Clement's shot from beyond halfcourt bounced off the rim.

E.J. Williams and Madison Jones contributed some offensive production in the second quarter to close the gap, after Jones followed William's three point play with a breakaway dunk that cut the lead to three. Williams played well throughout the second period and scored 12 points in the first half.

While Team Stackhouse found some success from the field in the first few minutes of the quarter, Team Dreamworks was led by Clement and Bishop Daniels in holding on to their lead. Daniels' one-hand slam with seven seconds remaining helped his team hold a 35-27 advantage at halftime.

Team Stackhouse made another run in the third quarter, bringing the game within two after a jumper from Norbert Randall, but Clement scored a quick five points in response. After taking a 51-44 lead into the final period of play, Team Dreamworks held a comfortable lead for the remainder of the contest.

Clement, who had 31 points, combined deadly perimeter shooting with a high shot percentage from the free throw line to rack up the points that kept Team Dreamworks ahead. His three pointer with just under four minutes on the clock gave his team a 19 point lead, the largest the difference would get. Team Dreamworks cruised on to a first round victory, 78-62, as they eliminated Team Stackhouse.

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