Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NC Pro-Am Interviews: Justin Watts

Above the Rim Exclusives: Interviews with your favorite SJG Pro-Am Players

By Anna LaRew - Player Correspondent (@annalarew)

NCPA: What does playing in the NC Pro-Am mean to you?

JW: It’s a great opportunity for the people in the area to watch us and watch other schools like State, Duke and Central. It gives them the chance to come watch us play great basketball for free.

NCPA: What is your favorite type of play during a game?

JW: Probably a game changing play, like when we are down, or we are up or tied then something makes the momentum change or someone gets a dunk. It just really gets me pumped up.

NCPA: Tell us about life during the regular season.

JW: Well, you know, I play all year round working and trying to keep my body in shape and staying healthy. I’m really busy. We are traveling most of the time, and when we are not traveling we are practicing. Busy is the key word.

NCPA: You call Durham home, what do you like most about the city? What do you hope to add as your career advances?

JW: The city is very supportive. Everyone wants to see you do well and do the best you can. I just want to be able to do everything I can do with my God given talent. I want people to say he did everything he can do. I want to put my city on the map.

NCPA: Who at this tournament do you most want to play against?

JW: I really don’t know everyone in the tournament, but it will definitely have to be the Duke guys or the State guys. It’s so competitive, and the gym is always packed for those games.

NCPA: When you have a team or player that you really want to play against, what do you think about during a game?

JW: I’m really not thinking about one specific thing. I’m making sure that I’m focused on the play. Taking it one thing at a time and having fun. When you do that most of the time things take care of themselves.

NCPA: Tell us about the community service you’ve done.

JW: I do a lot of camps like Sam Perkins Camp and some other camps, and camps for kids who are unfortunate. I just try to mentor them and keep them motivated. It gives them a chance to watch me play, you know, motivate them.

Look out for more interviews next week and follow Justin @mynameisjwatts.

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