Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NC Pro-Am Interviews: Kyrie Irving

Above the Rim Exclusives: Interviews with your favorite SJG Pro-Am Players

By Anna LaRew - Player Correspondent

As the excitement of the NC Pro-Am tournament nears this weekend, I took a minute to get to know another talented athlete, Kyrie Irving.

NCPA: A lot of players that go to Duke aren’t your typical “one and done” players, which you have the potential to be. Was that something you considered in making your decision?

KI: Honestly, I’m not really worried about that. It wasn’t my main focus. I’m going to Duke for Basketball and an education. The one and done thing, it’s in the back of my mind, like it would be for anybody. But, I’m not really thinking about it. I’m focused on school.

NCPA: Have you possibly talked to Austin Rivers about playing at Duke? Him getting to play with you may make Duke a more inviting option.

KI: Well, me and Austin were together for about 3 weeks at the USA Basketball Camp. We really developed an even better relationship. Him coming to Duke, that’s always going to be a plus for our team but that’s up to him.

NCPA: At the Pro-Am you’re going to play against a lot of guys that you will play during the season and also some guys you may never play against again. Who do you see as your biggest competition?

KI: Well, everyone is competition out here, every point guard I play against. Of course, I’m playing with my teammates, but I will probably end up playing against them because we have so many people on our team. You never know who is watching or who is on the court. It could be the person who is at the end of the bench that comes out to challenge you on the court. You never know.

NCPA: How do you feel about Duke winning the championship last year? How is that going to have an impact on this season?

KI: I was happy for my teammates that won and graduated. But I haven’t won anything. I’m just coming into the situation trying to win my first National Championship. I’m just coming in humble, trying to win a championship.

NCPA: We checked your twitter earlier and it looks like you were eating at Waffle house. What’s your favorite waffle?

KI: (Laughing) I eat late night at the Waffle House. I go at like 12:30, when no one is there. My favorite is chocolate chip. Double-chocolate chip.

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