Thursday, July 31, 2008

Team Felton versus Team K.G. 7/31/08 9PM

In a day full of phenomenal basketball, the final game of the night proved no different. When Team K.G., led by Gerald Henderson and Greg Copeny, would make a basket, Team Felton, led by PJ Tucker, would answer with a basket of their own. The game, like each one before it, was all tied-up in the final seconds, with the score 51-51. It’s Team K.G.’s ball and Greg Copeny has it at half-court. He stalls for about 20 seconds, to let the clock wind down, only allowing time for one more play. With less than 10 seconds in the game, Copeny drives to the basket, passes to Pat Walton, who then in turn passes the ball to James Zimmerman who shoots from downtown, and makes the basket with a “swish”! Whoever drew up that play was genius! The effects of two extremely talented teams, strong determination, no shot clock left the score 54 to 51. The verdict: four amazing games of basketball you didn’t want to miss!

Team Noel versus Regulators 7/31/08 8PM

In the third close game of the night, the undefeated Regulators went against Team Noel, who was behind by twenty going into the second half. But don't sleep on Team Noel! They made a tremendous comeback late in the second half and definitely gave the Regulators a run for their money. Without the leadership of Jerry Stackhouse, Bo Ingram had to endure the pressure, but he handled it well, making baskets all the way from different area codes. It seemed that the referees were on Team Noel's side, because they refused to call fouls when the Regulators had the ball, which could have added many points to the board. However, in the end, with 15.5 seconds left, Mike Bell of Team Noel completed a basket and was fouled on the play, making the extra point that changed the scored 57 to 56 (Team Noel). With 4.8 seconds left in the game, the Regulators' Lance Thomas had one final opportunity to win the game. He attempted to score and was fouled...but no whistle sounded. The Regulators blew an exceptional 20 point lead, contributing to their first loss of the Summer League season. Not to worry Regulator fans: they still remain the number one team going into the tournament!

RDU Barnstormers versus Black Magic 7/31/08 7PM

What's better than two back-to-back nail-biters? Black Magic continued to play well together and had the lead for most of the game; all the way until the final seconds. A couple of fouls against "OC" brought the RDU Barnstormers back into the game, making the score 45-47, with Black Magic barely holding on to the lead. With 15 seconds left on the clock, Andre Mcallom of the Barnstormers made a massive three pointer to bring the Barnstormers up by one. Black Magic still had time to make another basket, however with an offensive foul committed by Charles Ward, the clock ran out. It was an amazing game with Black Magic showing tremendous heart and expert communication. Each player, played hard, grabbed rebounds, hit jump shots, and ultimately just had some bad calls made against them that resulted in their 47-48 loss against the RDU Barnstormers. From this win, the Barnstormers are officially the second seed going into the tournament, August 9th.

E-Net versus Team Williams 7/31/08 6PM

The first game of the evening was high-paced and proved to be a nail-biter at the end. E-Net, sporting new team t-shirts, outplayed Team Williams during the first half and much of the second half. However, towards the end, Team Williams finally played hard like we know them to do and dwindled the lead to 63-62 with less than a minute to go. It was an amazing comeback. On a Team Williams shot to win the ball game in the final seconds, Rashad West was dribbling down the court and Anthony Grundy's tough defense allowed him to steal the ball and take it to the other basket to score. After that, there was not enough time for Team Williams to capture the lead. When the buzzer sounded after a great game, the final score was 68 to 64. E-Net's on a roll with another win!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

E-Net versus Black Magic 7/29/08 9PM

In the final game of the night, the powerhouses from E-Net, which included Josh Powell, Brandon Costner, and Anthony Grundy provided their team with a second-straight win. Black Magic was able to keep the game close for a majority of the game, but towards the end, they looked a little sluggish and were not able to capture the lead. E-Net played extremely well and ended the game 70 to 53. Anthony Grundy was the top scorer with 25 total points and Charles Ward was the lead scorer for Black Magic with 13 points.

Team KG versus Regulators 7/29/08 8PM

This fast-paced game was truly an amazing one to watch. It featured Duke Blue Devil, Gerald Henderson, playing on Team K.G. This was the first game that he has played since his surgery, and he showed no signs of a previous injury. Henderson had the crowd on their feet when he rejected a basket from little Josh Dawson (Jerry Stackhouse's nephew) and ran down the court to dunk over countless players on the other end. The Regulators had a show-stopping game that included dominant performances by Chris Leitner, Bo Ingram, Jerry Stackhouse, and Lance Thomas. It was a close game in the first half, but the undefeated Regulators quickly opened the lead in the second half, ending the game 77 to 59 and securing the top seed going into the Tournament beginning August 9th.

Team Noel versus Team Felton 7/29/08 7 PM

The exciting second game of the night showed a quick Team Noel, however key players like CJ Wilkerson and Darius Johnson-Odom of Team Felton performed well and hustled from start to finish. Ricky Clemons of Team Noel played great basketball in all areas of the court, hitting continuous three-pointers and showing strength as he drove to the basket. The game remained close until the final minutes, with Team Noel finishing up on top. Final score: 70 to 63.

RDU Barnstormers versus Team Williams 7/29/08 6PM

In the beginning, the RDU Barnstormers appeared to have more energy than Team Williams, beating them down the court on each possession. However, in the second half, Team Williams finally looked alive and played hard in every aspect of the game. The first game of the night included massive dunks from "OC" and consistent three-pointers by Andre Mcallom of the Barnstormers, while Hayward Fain and Steven Brogal provided most of the points (17 each) for Team Williams. In the second half, the game was close up until the final seconds, but Team Williams' persistence proved beneficial, when they won the game 75 to 71. From this win, The Regulators' number one spot is signed, sealed, and delivered because the RDU Barnstormers have too many losses to steal the lead.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Team K.G. versus Team Williams 7/24/08 9PM

In the final game of the evening, Team K.G. looked really strong, while Team Williams didn't seem to work well together like they usually do. The score was 35 to 33 (Team K.G.) at halftime, but when the second half got underway, Team K.G. went away with the game and increased the gap. Gavin Grant of Team K.G. had a rock-solid 19 points that helped lead his team to victory. Hayward Fain was a key player for Team Williams, like always, contributing 12 points that included massive dunks and flawless three's. However in the end, all of his effort was not enough: Team K.G. won this game 70 to 50.

Team Noel versus Black Magic 7/24/08 8PM

In the first half of the 8 PM game, Black Magic displayed great teamwork and outplayed Team Noel on all areas of the court. All players from Black Magic seemed to be playing well, showing that this team's communication is improving with every game they play. Team Noel was lacking in energy and were unable to capture the lead, even with Mike Bell dropping 16 points as their lead scorer. Clifford Crawford and Charles Ward shared the crown for top scorer for Black Magic with 12 points each. Black Magic won the game, 65 to 53.

E-Net versus RDU Barnstormers 7/24/08 7PM

Overall, E-Net overplayed the RDU Barnstormers in the second half of the game, finally scoring a victory (1-6 record)! Anthony Grundy (24 points) of E-Net was ON FIRE, making countless three-pointers and driving to the basket, which seemed to inspire big men Josh Powell and JJ Hickson to dunk all of the Barnstormers. Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler were the only players of the Barnstormers that looked alive during the second half. In the end, E-Net just had more energy and more drive. Final Score: 79 to 56.

Regulators versus Team Felton 7/24/08 6 PM

What a nail biter this game turned out to be. The undefeated Regulators had a true contest against the fast-paced, high-energy Team Felton. Bo Ingram, Lance Thomas, and Jerry Stackhouse had dominating performances for the Regulators. Justin Watts, David Young, and PJ Tucker of Team Felton challenged the #1 Team in the league. With 3.4 seconds left in the game and the score 67 to 66 (Team Felton), Lance Thomas went to the line, only making one of two free throws, tying up the game. To avoid going into overtime, David Young of Team Felton stormed to the basket and was fouled by Jerry Stackhouse before the clock ran out. He shot two, but missed both, taking the game into overtime. With a four offensive fouls in overtime for Team Felton, they could not get enough points on the board to win the game. The Regulators remain undefeated with a final score of 77 to 73.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Team K.G. versus RDU Barnstormers 7/22/08 9pm

We still had a packed house by the time the 9pm game rolled around. This was probably due to Dukies Kyle Singler, Olek Czyz ("OC"), and Nolan Smith playing for the RDU Barnstormers at this time. The game remained close up until the final minutes where the Barnstormers pulled away, finishing 70 to 58. Kyle Singler, lead scorer for the Barnstormers with 17 points, had many commanding dunks that kept his team on top. Greg Copeny also had an outstanding night for Team K.G. with 23 points.

Regulators versus E-Net 7/22/08 8pm

This game was definitely a show-down between old and new UNC and Duke players. Jerry Stackhouse, Danny Green, and Ed Davis of the Regulators went head-to-head with Steve Johnson and Elliot Williams of E-Net. The crowd was hype and cheering on their favorite teams. In the end, however, the undefeated, Tarheel infested Regulators came out on top with a score of 73 to 58. Bo Ingram of the Regulators had a great performance with 21 points and Josh Powell of E-Net dominated with 24 points.

Team Noel versus Team Williams 7/22/08 7pm

Team Williams never ceases to amaze the crowd. Despite their lack of height compared to other teams, they play hard every night! In this game Team Williams showed profound defense and kept the lead throughout the entire second half. Hayward Fain and Anthonique Wilson were top scorers, holding their team together and leading them to a 58-51 final score over Team Noel. Team Noel seemed a little slow on the defense, however Clint Deas and Nic Chasten were stand-out players, keeping their team in the game.

Team Felton versus Black Magic 7/22/08 6 PM

The first game of the night, between Team Felton and Black Magic, presented an improved Black Magic. This team finally looked like they got their game back. The players worked well together and came out with a 53 to 43 victory. Chris Mayshack, an alumni of NCCU, contributed with faultless three-pointers, with a total of 14 points. Norbert Randall helped keep his team on top with 13 rebounds using a sprained wrist! Even with NBA players such as PJ Tucker of the Memphis Grizzlies, Team Felton remained behind for most of the game. The lead scorer for Team Felton was Darius Johnson-Odom with 8 points.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Regulators versus Black Magic 7/17/08 9 PM

The Regulators, led by Danny Green and Bo Ingram dominated the 9 pm game. This game also featured incoming UNC Freshman, Ed Davis. Former Clemson star, Shawan Robinson stood out for the Regulators as well. The Regulators won 59 to 44, with leading scorer, Danny Green. Charles Ward of Black Magic was the lead scorer with 10 points.

Team Felton versus Team Williams 7/17/08 8 pm

This game was a standout performance from the future Tarheels. Justin Watts, lead scorer of Team Felton, with 19 points, would dip and drive from the baseline and then would make a three-pointer on the next play. Larry Drew, Jr, also a future Tarheel on Team Felton, contributed tremendously to the teams total 69 points. However, on the other side, Team Williams, mostly made up high school players, played well on their side of the court. They won the game with a total of 69 points. Hayward Fain of St. Augustine was the lead scorer with 20 points.

Team Noel versus RDU Barnstomers 7/17/08 7 PM

This game was extremely exciting and star studded. Kyle Singler, Olek Czyz (we call him "OC"!), Ronald 'Flip' Murray and Ricky Clemons were all top scorers and made the game truly incredible. "OC" stormed through with 22 points, which included a show-stopping dunk that had the crowd on their feet. Ricky Clemons was the top scorer for Team Noel, with a total of 11 points. His continuous three-pointers helped Team Noel stay in the game. The game was close, up until the final minutes and the RDU Barnstormers won the game 66 to 59.

Team KG versus E-NET 7/17/08 6 pm

This game started out slow but Elliot Williams and Josh Powell of E-NET picked up the pace. Gavin Grant and James Zimmerman of Team KG kept the pace very intensive throughout the game. I must say this was a good start for the night. But at the end, Grant and Zimmerman were too strong. Team KG won 65 to 59. Leading Scorer was Elliot Williams with 22 points.

Who is playing the best so far in the NC ProAM?

There has been so many great players performing at a high level. I was interested in getting feedback on who is playing the best?