Thursday, July 31, 2008

RDU Barnstormers versus Black Magic 7/31/08 7PM

What's better than two back-to-back nail-biters? Black Magic continued to play well together and had the lead for most of the game; all the way until the final seconds. A couple of fouls against "OC" brought the RDU Barnstormers back into the game, making the score 45-47, with Black Magic barely holding on to the lead. With 15 seconds left on the clock, Andre Mcallom of the Barnstormers made a massive three pointer to bring the Barnstormers up by one. Black Magic still had time to make another basket, however with an offensive foul committed by Charles Ward, the clock ran out. It was an amazing game with Black Magic showing tremendous heart and expert communication. Each player, played hard, grabbed rebounds, hit jump shots, and ultimately just had some bad calls made against them that resulted in their 47-48 loss against the RDU Barnstormers. From this win, the Barnstormers are officially the second seed going into the tournament, August 9th.

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Anonymous said...

Black Magic played a great all around game. Both teams gave the crowd what they wanted the most Dunks, Jumpers, and Hard Rebounds. An last but not least the big 3 for Black Magic Charles (Chuck) Ward, Norbert (Night Train) Randall, and Chris (Big Shot) Mayshack; RDU Barnstormers Kyle(All Around) Singler, Olek (OC)Czyz, and Nolan (ShowTime) Smith deliver Spirit, Dedication, Heart from Beginning to End. This was a wonderful game to watch, Thank you NC Pro Am for bring this array of talent to the triangle.