Thursday, July 31, 2008

Team Noel versus Regulators 7/31/08 8PM

In the third close game of the night, the undefeated Regulators went against Team Noel, who was behind by twenty going into the second half. But don't sleep on Team Noel! They made a tremendous comeback late in the second half and definitely gave the Regulators a run for their money. Without the leadership of Jerry Stackhouse, Bo Ingram had to endure the pressure, but he handled it well, making baskets all the way from different area codes. It seemed that the referees were on Team Noel's side, because they refused to call fouls when the Regulators had the ball, which could have added many points to the board. However, in the end, with 15.5 seconds left, Mike Bell of Team Noel completed a basket and was fouled on the play, making the extra point that changed the scored 57 to 56 (Team Noel). With 4.8 seconds left in the game, the Regulators' Lance Thomas had one final opportunity to win the game. He attempted to score and was fouled...but no whistle sounded. The Regulators blew an exceptional 20 point lead, contributing to their first loss of the Summer League season. Not to worry Regulator fans: they still remain the number one team going into the tournament!

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