Thursday, July 31, 2008

Team Felton versus Team K.G. 7/31/08 9PM

In a day full of phenomenal basketball, the final game of the night proved no different. When Team K.G., led by Gerald Henderson and Greg Copeny, would make a basket, Team Felton, led by PJ Tucker, would answer with a basket of their own. The game, like each one before it, was all tied-up in the final seconds, with the score 51-51. It’s Team K.G.’s ball and Greg Copeny has it at half-court. He stalls for about 20 seconds, to let the clock wind down, only allowing time for one more play. With less than 10 seconds in the game, Copeny drives to the basket, passes to Pat Walton, who then in turn passes the ball to James Zimmerman who shoots from downtown, and makes the basket with a “swish”! Whoever drew up that play was genius! The effects of two extremely talented teams, strong determination, no shot clock left the score 54 to 51. The verdict: four amazing games of basketball you didn’t want to miss!

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