Thursday, July 21, 2011

Q&A with Duke Freshman Austin Rivers

By Mark Carroll - Blog Coordinator

After Austin Rivers' 30 point performance in Team Hendrick's win over Triangle G, the incoming Duke guard stopped by and talked about his summer.

Q: What has your experience been like so far at the Pro AM?
A: Oh it's been great. Just getting to come out here and play against the top players in the state of North Carolina and all around the United States is just fun to get to come out here and play.

Q: Is there any particular aspect of your game that you're looking to improve right now?
A: Just basically a little bit of everything. Tonight I was finishing with my left a little bit more and just trying to get after it a little bit, and we ended up winning so it was all good.

Q: You've got Kyrie (Irving) and Jay (Williams) out here also. Do you feel like you've got some shoes to fill out here or any pressure like that?
A: I mean I just don't look at it like that. Those are two great players that played here at Duke, you know, legendary players at Duke. They both dominated their freshman seasons, so hopefully I can do that, but right now I'm just concentrating on doing everything I can do to win.

Q: Austin, I see your family here. That's kind of cool playing in front of them, right?
A: Yeah it's always nice, my family is real busy, so just to have them come down here and be with me means a lot to me. My best friend and my whole family, and for everybody to come down really means something.


_prettypicture said...

im always a huge supporter !

Anonymous said...

Rivers+Curry+Dawkins+Murphy+The Plumlees and Kelly = final four baby!!!

Duke > crapolina